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Financial investment policies come in the form of short term, medium term and long term investments. The basic difference between the three categories is as follows:

Short term investments

Short term investments are savings via the banking institutions, and are primarily savings accounts.

Medium term investments

Medium term investments are usually monies that are tied up for a three to five year period, but this could be too much of a generalisation. Unit trusts, for instance, although usually cashed in by savers within the period stated, viz. 3-5 years, have on occasion turned in to fairly long investment periods. A five year investment via a life assurer pays out entirely tax free if it runs for the full period of five or more years.

Long term investment policies

Lastly, long term policies which consist of life and pension schemes as well as lengthy investments.

Insurance Unlimited deals with all the insurance companies that are based in South Africa and we have connections offshore for those people who wish to invest money in different countries. Clients like choice and that is what so very few investment brokers are able to offer. We are clearly one of the market leaders in this field.
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