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Life Assurance

Life Assurance

In the life industry we cover all facets of the assurance spectrum from life, pensions and investments to disability and medical cover.

'LIfe' is a general term for life cover, as well as disability and investments, and is also known as long-term cover.

Let’s first define the three mediums of cover:-

  1. A short-term investment institute would be a bank or building society, where money is deposited and withdrawn continually.
  2. Medium-term investments are usually via unit trust companies and are investments lasting from approximately three to five years
  3. Long-term investments are life policies as well as retirement schemes.
It is quite amazing how sophisticated South Africa is in terms of being a world leader in the life assurance business. Even American executives pay visits to these shores to learn from us.

Insurance Unlimited is lucky enough to be able to represent all the big life assurers, and clients like to be given a choice of companies and quotes rather than being forced to phone the many different assurers themselves.

By sitting with the client and interpreting the quotes in an unbiased fashion, the client is grateful and we invariably receive their support. We have been in the life assurance business for 36 years and therefore it goes without saying that our clients are given the benefit of our tremendous experience.
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