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Very often the client mixes up the terms “Hospital Plan” and “Medical Aid”, so let’s define what it is that we are offering:

Should we sell a client a Hospital Plan this means that, should they take ill and become hospitalised, or need tests or scans done whilst admitted to hospital, they will be covered.

Should a client require an operation and they have a Hospital Plan through us, then they will undergo surgery in a top-end private hospital. However, remember that often people require treatment that is not an operation, e.g. chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This too is covered under the plan.

The only real difference between a Medical Aid and a Hospital Plan is that Medical Aid also covers dentist and doctor’s visits, medicines and so on. In other words the Hospital Plan covers the large events but not the day to day small events which are covered by Medical Aid.

Contact us for an appointment to look at what option best suits your needs and your pocket. We deal with both individuals and companies.
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