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About Insurance Unlimited

We are insurance brokers for all types of insurance - from car and house cover to businesses, marine, hotels and B&B’s. In the life industry we cover all facets of the assurance spectrum from life, pensions and investments to disability and medical cover. More than thirty years experience and still growing all the time. Winners of silver and gold awards within the industry year in and year out and proud of the recognition rewarding our hard effort.

Who is Financial Advisor, Dennis Butlion?

Dennis grew up in Zimbabwe and came to Cape Town to study in 1972. He hails from a country which, although small in size, has turned out many people who have achieved well in both sport and in the academic field throughout the world. Dennis achieved excellent results in many sporting fields, including weight lifting, karate, lawn bowls and golf. After completing his studies he entered the world of insurance, selling just for a few months whilst awaiting his results, and lo and behold, 37 years later he is still there - and a highly respected individual in his industry.

‘Life works in strange ways,’ so he tells us. A family man who lives in the Constantia Valley, and he has done so for thirty years.

Attention to detail and wonderful interpersonal relationships is, he thinks, the reason for his success. Offering a one-stop shop for his clientele may have a lot to do with it as well. These days it’s nigh impossible to find financial advisors able to offer the whole ambit of insurance products.
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