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Business Insurance

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Business Insurance

When an individual or a group of people put their money into a business venture this more often than not leads to the acquisition of an asset, be it a factory, office or vehicles.

It is essential that you have peace of mind knowing that the asset in which you have invested is correctly insured and that you will not suffer financial catastrophe if that asset is stolen or destroyed.

We insure all types of businesses from the small one-man firm to the largest factories and hotels and every one of our clients knows that his or her assets are fully protected.

By dealing with the largest national and international insurance companies who give us assistance every step of the way, we are able to advise and help our clients effortlessly.

We insure many businesses that have branches country-wide and with the help of electronic technology, claims are resolved surprisingly quickly and satisfactorily. No business is too small and we have yet to come across a business that is too big. Try us.

Marine Insurance

We are often asked to insure goods being imported in containers from all over the world to South Africa. These goods can range in value from a few thousand rands to millions of rands, and the premiums are extremely low in comparison to the value of the items. Premiums are commensurate with risk. The companies we insure with are usually internationally-based organisations such as Lloyds of London.

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